Council is calling on the community to put forward ideas for consideration in the 2023/24 operational budget.

The information will be considered as part of building the draft budget, which will be released for comment in April 2023.

Below we are asking ask how you would spend $1,000 of ratepayers money across a range of services that Council provides. See how you go allocating funds, and at the same time give us an idea of which of Council's services you value.

We do ask that you be courteous to each other and Council staff, be realistic in your submissions and above all be honest.

At the bottom of the page we ask for your ideas, letting you upvote or downvote other ideas and asking you, the ratepayers to have an open conversation on what you see as important for Council to fund in the 2023/24 Budget.

Your suggestions matter to us.

What did the previous Council Budget look like?

The net cost of services delivered to the community in 2022/23 year was expected to be $35.333m. The chart below shows how much was allocated in the 2022/23 Council Budget to each broad service area for every $1,000 dollars that Council spends.

Graph showing project 2022/23 spending on services from previous budget