In March 2021, Benalla Rural City Council (BRCC) commissioned a Landscape Architect to develop a draft streetscape plan for the town centre and the surrounding area.

The draft plan was also developed considering responses to the online survey conducted by BRCC from April 2017.

The streetscape plan covers a number of components including pedestrian connectivity, entrance gateway feature, signage and way-finding , safer crossings, shade structures, street planting, bicycle route and public spaces.

This stage of the streetscape plan, explores the Denny Street car park courtyard, adjacent to the shops and laneways and is also a hub for parking, transport, freight and amenities.

The intention of the upgrades is to provide:

  • improved pedestrian access
  • increased security
  • enhanced safety
  • additional leisure space
  • a safe and welcoming space

The precinct could include:

  • sheltered seating
  • charging stations for phones and tablets
  • bike parking racks

Share your ideas below of what you would like to see included in this space.

Sample Design Concepts