We are seeking to inform the community of a proposed amendment to charges for the Benalla Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre Transfer Station.

Council, with the support of the Victorian Government, have undertaken a transformation of the Resource and Recovery Centre.

This new Transfer Station will allow the community to unload waste and recyclables from vehicles in a safer, easier and cleaner way.

The proposed change to Transfer Station fees and charges will be calculated using a volume-based charge instead of the current weight-based charge.

Table 1 below details the proposed fees and charges (rounded up to the nearest 50 cents) for domestic customers at the transfer station.

These charges will be applicable to residential customers (the general public), while commercial customers will still use weight-based charges using the weighbridge.

New volumed-based charges will be calculated per metre cubed, regardless of the type of general waste. Organic green waste has its own charges.

A comparison between proposed Benalla Rural City Council charges to neighbouring councils can be found in the Table 2 below.

Feedback on the proposed charges will be taken from Thursday 6 October 2022 until 3 November 2022. Please use the below text box to provide your feedback. Alternatively you can upload a written response using the below 'upload files' button or you can provide written feedback by mail to Benalla Rural City Council PO Box 227 Benalla VIC 3671 or in person at the Customer Service Centre 1 Bridge St East, Benalla VIC 3671.

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