Commemorative Memorials Guidelines Policy

Background Information

The purpose of the Commemorative Memorial Guidelines Policy is to provide a guideline for the establishment and maintenance of commemorative memorials.

The Commemorative Memorial Guidelines Policy works to outline the requirements and performance standards of a commemorative memorial, which is any plaque or monument reserved for the recognition or memory of an individual (or family), service organisation/club or group, having made a significant contribution to public life or having attracted national or international recognition.

Applications for commemorative memorials are to be made to the Council for its "in principle" approval. Following the submission of the application, the proposal shall be publicly advertised seeking community comment. It is proposed that Council will then consider the proposal taking into consideration the guidelines and any submissions received.

Community engagement on the Council Policy Commemorative Memorial Guidelines Policy will open Thursday 26 May 2022 and close 5pm Thursday 23 June 2022.

Have Your Say – Provide Feedback

Submitters will be identified in a public report that will become part of the public record.

If you do not wish to be identified, please indicate this in your submission.