The Benalla Fawckner Drive Masterplan Report (the Masterplan) ensures that Council’s objectives to ensure open space and public places in existing and developing communities are thoughtfully planned, connected, green, sustainable, accessible, engaging and inclusive and considers the needs of the whole community.

The masterplan will enable Council to:

  • enhance and protect natural assets in the precinct
  • to create a space that encourages use for all community members
  • incorporate community and user groups feedback
  • identify opportunities and challenges
  • to capitalise on tourism and economic development opportunities
  • improve pedestrian connections and link existing infrastructure
  • align recreational planning with other planning strategies and processes
  • assist council to advocate to other tiers of government for funding
  • establish priorities and costings for any improvements to the precinct
  • ensure future improvements are well planned.

Project Updates

The Fawckner Drive Masterplan Report was formally adopted by Council at it's Council meeting held 14 February, 2024.

To view the full Council report visit the Document Library on this page.

31 submissions from community members were received on the Draft Fawckner Drive Masterplan Report. These submissions were presented at Council's September meetings for discussion and consideration. Council staff will now review the Masterplan taking into consideration the 31 submissions received, Councillor feedback as well as the considerable amount of community input during the initial consultation period.

Playce have completed the Draft Fawckner Drive Masterplan Report for community feedback. The report maps out the potential future use of spaces within the Fawckner Drive Precinct. The Masterplan focusses on improving accessibility for all community members as well as creating opportunities for a broader range of activities for all ages in the precinct.

Masterplan highlights:

  • Social and Active play areas
  • Improved picnic and barbeque areas
  • Upgraded skate park and new pump track
  • Increased community market footprint with night market capability
  • Improved pedestrian connections
  • No removal of trees - increased planting

The delivery of projects identified within the Masterplan will follow a staged process based on feedback from consultation and the availability of grant funding. Further consultation will occur to produce the detailed design for each project.

We encourage community members and user groups to read through the report (listed in the Document Library) and share your thoughts in the form below.

The Fawckner Drive Precinct has been identified by Council as a key community outdoor space. The precinct is comprised of the Skate Park, BMX track, Basketball courts, RV parking, and green spaces surrounding the Library.

Council has received grant funding to activate the precinct through the use of public art, new community infrastructure, and other initiatives identified during consultation. Council has allocated additional funds from it's budget toward the revitalisation of the BMX track as result of community feedback during the last budget process.

The ensure the best result possible for the community Council have engaged open space specialists, Playce, to assist in the consultation and design process of a precinct plan. Playce have designed an 'Ideas Plan' to inspire community input for the potential opportunities for Fawckner Drive.

The final Fawckner Drive Masterplan will consolidate feedback from the community and Council to map out future possibilities for the precinct.