Roadside Fatality Memorial Guidelines Policy

Background Information

The purpose of the Roadside Fatality Memorial Guidelines Policy is to provide a guideline for the establishment and maintenance of roadside fatality memorials.

The Roadside Fatality Memorial Guidelines Policy works to outline the requirements and performance standards of a fatality memorial, which is any object constructed, erected or placed on the road, or within the road reserves or in any Park, Reserve or other Council controlled land, to commemorate/indicate a fatality. Memorials may include items such as wooden crosses, coloured posts, flowers or any type of construction with or without plaques or inscriptions.

Benalla Rural City recognises that some members of the community wish to mark the location of a fatal crash/incident on the road network or public reserve under the control of Council by the establishment of a fatality memorial.

Benalla Rural City will deal sensitively with requests for the establishment of fatality memorials however may not encourage their placement.

Applications for the placement of temporary or permanent memorials shall be made to the Chief Executive Officer and will be considered in accordance with the policy guidelines.

Community engagement on the Council Policy Roadside Fatality Memorial Guidelines Policy will open Thursday 26 May 2022 and close 5pm Thursday 23 June 2022.

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