We're developing the 2022-23 Budget

Which services and projects would you like to see prioritised in the next Council budget?

Your input will help us get a better understanding of what matters most to our community. It will flow into our draft budget which will be presented to Council and the community in May.

While it is natural to focus on the services and projects that impact you personally, the Council must ensure that the budget covers not only core services such as 'roads and rubbish' but all other services we are legally required to provide, as well as services that enhance the liveability of Benalla. In addition, asset maintenance and capital works account for a sizeable portion of the budget.

We are also committed to delivering our Council Plan actions, which have been developed in consultation with the community.

Council's budgeted income for the 2021-22 financial year totals $36.519 million.

The chart below shows our main revenue sources expressed as percentages of total income.

The total budgeted expenditure for the 2021-22 financial year is $34.566 million.

This chart shows how many dollars are allocated to each key area for every $1,000.