Purpose of the Township Plan

The Devenish Township Plan is based on the ideas, needs and aspirations of the Devenish community. The plan aspires to guide the future development of the town by developing a list of projects and priorities to inform Council's strategic planning and as a resource for the community to apply for grants when funding is available.

To inform the development of the plan we will work with the community to make sure their thoughts are captured. Our community engagement will include a variety of online and in-person consultation methods.

This page will keep Devenish residents updated on the plans progress, future consultation dates, as well as hosting interesting opportunities for community feedback.

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15 November, 2023

Sue says:

For everyone in Devenish to actually work together to get a plan to increase the towns input to ideas and events that would benefit all.

31 July, 2023

Bushy says:

The town is a ghost town

5 February, 2022

Rhonda Lowe says:

Construct New and Repair Damaged Foot Paths, to create safe Walking Areas

2 February, 2022

Rhonda Lowe says:

Utilizing the Devenish Grain Shed for Community Use


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